SIMMONS, Leanne     [LSS]

Leanne Simmons working at her easelLeanne grew up in Coventry and studied for her Masters degree in Pure Mathematics on a scholarship at The University of California in Los Angeles. It was here as a teenager that she began to develop her sketching skills, often drawing the abundant places of interest surrounding her there in California. Now she lives in the pretty Warwickshire town of Kenilworth with her husband and children where she runs her own business selling personalised gifts and also creates her paintings.

“We are lucky to live in such a beautiful and diverse area with lots of history, places of interest and beautiful walks to inspire me. I love watercolours as a medium because I like to pay attention to light and shadows and like the way that watercolours are a little unpredictable in their results but still beautiful nonetheless.”

Leanne is self-taught at watercolour painting and in particular enjoys being inspired by the nature and landscapes around her. She has worked on a collection of Kenilworth landmark paintings, capturing her town’s history and beauty but also enjoys painting the birds which visit their garden and other animals she is inspired by.

“Our black labrador Jobson keeps my feet warm whilst I paint but rarely stays still when I try to paint him. I’m hoping to capture him on paper one day.”

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