HOPKINS, Anthony J

I was born and educated in Leamington Spa and now live in Moreton Morrell.

I have been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, but am self taught. I am a member of the Moreton Morrell Camera Club which has a Flickr site where more of my work can be seen and I am currently setting up a website to showcase more of my work.

I enjoy black and white photography using both film and digital media. I have recently been experimenting with HDR.

I like the tone and texture of dead, decaying and dying flora and fauna, so my house is full of dead plants and shrivelled fruit. My family are used to seeing me come back from dog walking with all manner of things.

I have no particular style or reason for what I take, if  I see a shot I take it, no matter what the subject.

Living near to Chesterton Windmill I have been able to capture it in many different seasons and conditions,

People who’s work interest me include Ansel Adams, Vivian Maier, Hockney, Andrew Wyeth and Frank Frazetta.