Shakespeare’s House

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Artist: SINCLAIR, Terence

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This Stampsee is made from stamps which reference William Shakespeare’s life – these include the ‘Elizabeth I’ – Shakespeare’s monarch, his relationship with the monarchy was pivotal in Shakespeare’s life. The William Shakespeare stamp in the chimney stack has been painted over so the text now reads ‘iam Shakespeare’ (I am Shakespeare). The invention of the William Caxton printing press occurred in William Shakespeare’s lifetime and was very important to Shakespeare and allowed his plays to be widely distributed throughout the world – thus the Caxton stamp has been used. In modern times the BBC have been important in spreading Shakespeare’s work throughout the globe – this is why the BBC stamp is used in the piece. There are other stamps in this piece which were released in 1964 to directly celebrate the 400th year anniversary since Shakespeare’s birth in 1564 – there are British Shakespeare stamps released in 1964 in the roof-space of the piece and there is a US Shakespeare stamp in one of the doorways. Stampsee (Terence Sinclair) often refers to 1964 in all his work because this was also the year of Stampsee’s own birth.

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